Creating New Year's Resolutions That Stick

what are your 2024 new year's resolutions?

We’ve reached that time of year where everyone is focussed on the new year ahead. With many already thinking about their new year’s resolutions in the hope that this year will be the year that they stick. ‘New year new me’ has become more than just a saying, it’s become a bar that we set as we promise to be better in one way or another.

But, in doing so are we setting ourselves up for failure?

Quite often the drive behind our resolutions is punishment. Whether it’s overindulging during the holidays or a bad habit that we have picked up that we wish to quit, we are punishing ourselves for simply being human.

This year, instead of putting pressure on yourself with wild new year’s resolutions that you’re simply not going to stick to, I propose a novel approach. Let’s look at improving what we already know and do.

The Benefits of Wellness

We all know that being healthy has its benefits, but that doesn’t mean we have to push ourselves hard at the gym come January or plan to run a marathon. Instead, slight changes and switches to our normal routine is enough to make a difference. In Robin Sharma’s 5am Club, his 20/20/20 formula calls for 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of reflection such as journaling, meditation or quiet contemplation and 20 minutes devoted to growth such as reading, reviewing your goals or studying. These three components within this vital hour prime your body and mind for a productive way. And while getting up at 5am may not be on your list, we all have 20 minutes each day that we could fit in a little activity.

The Importance of Quiet Time

With social media and news outlets churning out content constantly there’s never a quiet moment in communications. As PR professionals we spend most of our time glued to a screen but it’s important to be available for more quiet moments to avoid burnout. Whether that’s taking ourselves away from the office for a couple of hours or working from a different environment, the chance to indulge in some quiet time is important to let our creative thoughts and ideas flow.

The Value of Reading

While industries, backstories and status may be different amongst the world’s most successful businesspeople, there is one thing that they have in common. They all appreciate the value of reading. Making time each day to digest information on a range of topics and as a result, expanding their mind and outlook on the world. If some of the busiest people in the world still manage to find time for themselves and use it in a productive way, there really are no excuses for the rest of us. Reading and digesting information helps us in many ways, whether it’s inspiration for a blog, learning something or just keeping up to date with the world. And we should be doing more of it. But, if the thought of sitting down with a book fills you with dread, then listening to a podcast or an audiobook can be just as valuable.

The Significance of Learning

Whether you realise it or not, we learn something new every day. And really, it’s not that surprising. In this digital world, we have access to so many digital resources that are saturated with updated content each day and we need to continue to take advantage of it. Whether its discovering innovative technologies that make our PR jobs easier, coming across an innovative approach to a campaign that we heard on a podcast or simply experiencing a new way of thinking that we read in a book, the possibility to learn and improve are limitless. While it is important to continue to learn from the wealth of information around us, it is imperative that we learn from our mistakes too.

Looking Ahead

While it’s easy to lose yourself in the ‘new year new me’ movement and set ambitious resolutions for the year ahead, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. While it’s good to be ambitious and motivated to do more good things, remember to be kind to yourself and look to do more of the things that we enjoy also.

As for Shh! PR, we pledge to continue to learn, read, exercise, collaborate and make the most of our quiet time in line with the ideas laid out in this blog. Because if we’re working at our best and offering the best PR and marketing services that we can, our clients will perform at their best too.