5 PR Trends We Should All Leave Behind In 2023

heart balloon floating in the sky to represent the PR trends we're letting go in 2024

Like the seasons, trends come and go, and the public relations industry is no different.

From outdated strategies to approaches that no longer resonate with the current times, we have witnessed several PR and marketing campaigns that missed the mark during 2023. 

While it may be easier (and less scary) to stick with the devil you know, the world is changing, and your PR and marketing strategy must too. To get the best out of your approach, you need to adapt and that means letting go of outdated strategies that no longer align with your goals.

As we step into a new year, it’s crucial to reflect on the PR trends that have run their course. To help you out, here are 5 PR trends that the team at Shh! PR are bidding farewell to in 2023.

Outdated Media Relations Strategies

The era of relying solely on traditional media outlets is waning. With the decline in effectiveness of traditional press releases, PR pros must adopt a more diversified and modern approach to media relations. That’s not to say the press release is dead. It still has its value in the PR toolkit. But the ever-changing media landscape now demands a more strategic blend of traditional and digital channels to ensure that your news effectively reaches your target audience.

Superficial Influencer Collaborations

Gone are the days of prioritising influencers solely for their follower count. Macro-influencers without genuine audience engagement are fast losing their impact. Consumers today are looking for brands that truly resonate with them and reflect their values. It’s time to lean towards more authentic partnerships with influencers that align with your brand values, foster credibility, and offer deeper connections with your audience.

Ignoring the Power of Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve already seen it happening in recent PR campaigns, but the industry is finally bidding farewell to homogeneity in PR campaigns. The importance of representing diverse voices and perspectives cannot be overstated. After all, PR campaigns and content marketing should accurately reflect the real, diverse world that we live in. Embracing inclusivity is no longer an option but a cornerstone of effective PR strategies. By authentically reflecting the diversity of your audience, your campaign will resonate, foster inclusivity, and cultivate a strong brand connection with diverse communities.

Neglecting the Role of Employee Advocacy

Internal stakeholders are often an untapped resource. The impact of engaged employees on brand perception is significant. Tapping into your employees can benefit your brand through positive sales impact, increased brand awareness and favourable brand sentiment, improved staff recruitment, retention and engagement and can even aid in PR crises and issues management. It’s time to empower your employees, incorporating their advocacy as an integral part of PR campaigns to foster authenticity and trust from your audience.

Failure to Embrace New Technologies

In a digital age, reluctance to adopt emerging technologies is a trend that needs to be left in the past. Missing out on the benefits of AI, data analytics and virtual reality can hinder progress. AI content creation tools are great for brainstorming, generating ideas, drafting new story angles, and overcoming writer’s block. This, coupled with the ability to have a more in-depth analysis of campaign performance, allows your business to not only design a strategy that fosters stronger relationships and caters to a chosen audience, but it also gives you concrete numbers to back it up, allowing you to adjust strategies on the go and make more informed decisions.

It’s Time to Look Ahead

This recap serves as a reminder to recognise the transformative power that change, and adaptation can have on your PR. As we step into 2024, let’s ensure that your PR and marketing strategies are not just current but set the stage for success in the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. It’s time to embrace innovation, prioritise authenticity and weave diversity and inclusion into the fabric of your campaigns in 2024 and beyond.